Resources for ATS Users

Editing ATS source code

  • A mode for editing ATS source code in vim.
  • A mode for editing ATS source code in emacs.

Evaluating ATS source code on-line

  • A site for compiling ATS source code into JavaScript for on-line evaluation.

ATS-related utility commands

  • atscc is a wrapper for convenience around the ATS compilation command atsopt.
  • atsopt is the command for directly invoking the ATS compiler that typechecks ATS (source) code and then compiles it into C (target) code.
  • atsdoc is a utility implemented in ATS for helping write documentation on ATS and beyond.

Compiling projects based on ATS

  • ATS-CMake is a CMake utility for compiling ATS source code (contained in multiple files).

ML programmer's guide to ATS

  • A guide to learning ATS for someone who is familiar with an ML-like language.

Courses about ATS and based on ATS

  • BU CAS CS 320: ATS is mostly used like SML in this undergraduate-level course:

  • BU CAS CS 511: ATS is employed primarily as a programming language advocating formal specification and verification:

  • BU CAS CS 520: Many advanced features in ATS such as dependent types and linear types are presented in this graduate-level course:

  • BU CAS CS 525: ATS is employed in compiler construction:

    • Spring'11
    • Spring'09: TIGERATS is a compiler written in ATS for the Tiger language presented in Andrew Appel's book on modern compiler design and implementation. This compiler currently targets x86-32 and MIPS32 (plus pseudo instructions accepted by SPIM).

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