Wiki for ATS users

  • This wiki is a major source for ATS users to acquire information on and related to ATS.

Q&A forum for ATS users

  • The google group ats-lang-users acts as a forum for discussing any and all questions about or related to ATS.

Discussion forum for ATS developers

  • The google group ats-lang-devel acts as a forum for discussing any and all issues about or related to the developement of ATS.

Mailing-list for ATS users

  • This mailing-list is for ATS users to discuss general questions related to ATS.
  • The archive of messages sent to the ATS users mailing-list can be found here.

IRC channel for ATS users: ##ats

  • This IRC channel ##ats is for chatting about ATS.

ATS news at reddit

JATS-UG: Japan ATS User Group

  • Various resources in Japanese on learning and using ATS can be found here.
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